Meeting Recap for September 13, 2018

“If I had a million or five million dollars” was the captivating theme of our Sept. 13th meeting. Mary Jo Preti, (pictured right) served as Toastmaster. ETM’s President Robert Perry served as Table Topics Master, asking participants a variety of interesting, thought-provoking questions. ETM Secretary and technology guru Mark Richter won the Best Table Topics ribbon for his inspirational answer.

Sibyl Badugu gave the first speech of the evening: “The Moral of the Story,” speech #5 from the Storytelling Advanced Manual. Sibyl’s goal: tell a story using skills developed in her previous two projects. Goal accomplished! Sibyl later won the Best Speaker and Most Improved Speaker ribbons for her creative speech.

Veronica Barraza, our ETM Immediate Past President and Mistress of Meet-up, gave the second speech of the evening. “Retrospect on Learning.” Veronica’s goal: present a speech incorporating feedback from a previous speech. She gave us detailed information about using transition words and phrases in speeches. Veronica also included a detailed hand-out. Good job!

John Pham gave an excellent evaluation of Sibyl’s speech.

Roxanne Shaffer took top honors for evaluating Veronica’s speech. Congrats, Roxanne!

We welcome new member John Lenihan, who came as a guest and was so impressed with our meeting that he decided to join on the spot! Actually, what motivated John to even attend our meeting was Robert Perry’s inspirational President’s Message on our website. Robert’s frank admission about his fear in giving work-related speeches resonated with John. We look forward to John’s public-speaking progress.

 Thanks to all who attended this fun-filled meeting!


 Mary Jo Preti served as Toastmaster at our Sept. 13th meeting.

Mary Jo Preti served as Toastmaster at our Sept. 13th meeting.

Posted on January 20, 2017 .