Uploading videos - club camera

***Make sure that camera is fully charged – to charge the phone, plug it into a USB port on a computer***

  1. Power up camera, pop open the USB connector on the camera and connect to a USB port on your computer. The USB connector is located at the bottom edge of the camera.
  2. Connect to YouTube at https://www.YouTube.com/upload
  3. If necessary, log in to YouTube.com.  There are a couple of other ETM sites on YouTube that someone created, but we use only “encinitastoastmaster” Sign in at the top right of the home page. If you have a YouTube account in your own name, you must sign out of your account and then log onto encinitastoastmaster.
    • Username:  encinitastoastmaster
    • Password:   steelrain
  4. At top of page, click “select files to upload.”
  5. On your computer, click “my computer” You should see the letters for your drives on your computer. Locate Bloggie, click open. If you can’t see Bloggie, turn the camera off and on and it should appear.
  6. Open the files until you see the MP4 files. (Bloggie – MP_Root – 101ANV01 – MAHxxx) Choose each of the MP4 files and disregard the others. Highlight each MP4 by holding down the control key until they are all selected. Click OK and the videos should start uploading from the camera.
  7. The progress bar at the top of the screen will show how much of the video has been uploaded.
  8. While videos are uploading, start the wiki linking process outlined below.
  9. When the progress bar states ‘processing done’, click the blue ‘done’ button located at the right of the progress bar.
  10. The screen will change to show the link for the video and will be highlighted. Copy the highlighted text, by right-clicking the mouse and choosing ‘copy’ from the popup menu.
  11. Create a list of each of the videos and their links on Tube.
  12. Log out of YouTube.
  13. Email the list of videos that needs to be listed on this page along with the YouTube links for each of them to the VPE (wig_wamm@hotmail.com)
  14. You will receive an email stating that the video page has been updated.
  15. Remove all the videos from the camera by deleting all the MP4 files.
  16. Fully charge the camera by leaving it plugged in your computer.
  17. Bring camera to the next meeting and give it to the Sergeant at Arms (Lauren).

----------------- The final list of videos will look something like this -----------------

  • Table Topics - https://youtu.be/eMBbGPyC7i8
  • Marsha's Speech - https://youtu.be/pIqpXPAWsrI
  • John's Speech - https://youtu.be/eC_xmyaSjos
  • Teresa's Speech - https://youtu.be/dEHYSb3mUrM
  • Brent's Evaluation of Marsha's Speech - https://youtu.be/AFuPi9_Nhls
  • Larry's Evaluation of John's Speech - https://youtu.be/eMBbGPyC7i8
  • Charlie's Evaluation of Teresa's Speech - https://youtu.be/E8YKg8Cg55E

(IMPORTANT) Erase all videos from the camera and recharge camera by leaving it plugged into your computer until battery show fully charged.
Problems? Email questions to Larry at knightla@att.net.

Camera Information
•    Maximum memory: 2 GB
•    Maximum video length: 29.5 minutes
•    File size for maximum video length: 561.5K
•    Video dimensions: 720 / 30p