President's Message

                Roxanne Shaffer, President of Encinitas Toastmasters

                Roxanne Shaffer, President of Encinitas Toastmasters

As the president of Encinitas Toastmasters, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our club and to tell you more about my Toastmasters journey.

My first experience with Toastmasters was as an adolescent; a Toastmaster came to my middle school and led a six-week program for youth called Speechcraft. As you might imagine, it was utterly frightening to go up in front of my class at such a tender age. At the time, I was not too keen on continuing. However, as I grew older and made strides in other areas of my life, I realized that I could not postpone working on my speaking skills without harming my prospects in life.

If you are reading this now, then you have probably come to realize just how indispensable the ability to communicate effectively is to all aspects of your life. The crux for me was that I would feel as though I had all of these compelling ideas and yet something would get lost in the process of trying to express them. So what did I do? I sought out my local Toastmasters club and that is how I became a member of Encinitas Toastmasters.

When I joined in April of 2014, I did not become a better speaker overnight. For me it was still terrifying, and there were moments when I doubted whether I wanted to continue. But, thanks to my encouraging friends and the gnawing realization that the only thing holding me back was fear, I persevered. I had to find myself as a speaker and to figure out my own way of doing it. With time, practice, and a lot of support, I have become a better speaker and more confident person today than when I joined in 2014. For those reasons, I am so grateful for what I have learned and what I have become as the result of being an active member of Encinitas Toastmasters.


Whether you are looking to do the same or would simply like to find a congenial group of people, I urge you to come visit our club. You will find a friendly and supportive yet highly professional group. As a plus, we come from various walks of life and different ages to support each other on our journeys to becoming better speakers and dynamic leaders. You will enjoy your visit and learn a lot, I promise!